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Community Message

Candy says

Slow down, save a life...

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Community Message

Samantha says

Think before you act, as it could be a family member or friend in that other car that you hit.

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Penelope says

Please be patient when passing cyclists, I am someone's daughter, wife, sister and step mother....I never ever mean to inconvience you...I just want to get home.

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Simon's reason to

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Safety Tips

Make your car a phone free zone

Community Message

Vince says

If drivers are respectful – they will be courteous and observant. If drivers are responsible they will abide by the laws.

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Community Message

Simone says

Speeding in school zones is selfish!

Community Message

Marjorie says

Since watching your TV commercials on speed, I've found myself really taking care to drive to the speed limit - and conditions!

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Behind the scenes

Community Message

Vicki says

Think about the Truckies that don't come home to their loved ones every night. They are delivering our goods to keep this country supplied

Community Message

Lisa says

keep that radio down so you can hear what's going on around you