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A Citizens' Taskforce made up of 25 randomly recruited Queenslanders was invited to consider if incentives could help improve driver safety, including for young people.


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Community message

Mount says

Whilst driving on the Highway, always pay attention to the road for hazards that may appear; livestock, smoke, other vehicles.

Community message

Josephine Perret pledges to

Don't overtake buses when they're pulling out of bus lanes.


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Community message

Peter says

STOP TAILGATING!! Don’t be a bully on the road. Life is not a race. Drive safe, live longer.

Community message

Michelle says

Forget that text or you might be next! - Lets Lower the Road Toll.

Community message

Mark says

Don't tailgate, always maintain a 3 second gap when driving behind vehicles and always stop a safe distance behind a stationary vehicle.

Community message

ethan says

Give way to emergency vehicles that have lights & sirens on because one day it could be your life or house they're trying to save.