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Community Message

Wendy says

Never race a truck, if he is overtaking you in a passing lane, slow down and let him get the lead - otherwise you both may suffer

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Community Message

Les says

Slow down and stay safe!

Community Message

Jai says

Driving: It's not a social event.

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Simon's reason to

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Safety Tips

Make your car a phone free zone

Community Message

Nicole says

Please be careful on our roads. All it takes is a split second of not paying attention to change your life - and others - for the worst.

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Community Message

Ray says

More speed = less time to react = more chance of death/injury

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Marilyn says

Concentrate - no mobile phones or other distractions, and trucks should not travel so close to cars, they are very intimidating.

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Community Message

Robert thanks

Drivers for driving smartly.