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Community Message

Nick says

Always go out on the road like it is going to be your last time and be thankful when you make it back home safely.

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Qld says

Obey the fatal five to survive the drive!

Community Message

Aimee Marie thanks

Drivers for ignoring that phone call or text message when you are behind the wheel. Especially when you are at the traffic lights. Thank you.

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Simon's reason to

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Make your car a phone free zone

Community Message

Rendra thanks

Everyone for making QLD roads safe for all drivers.

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Community Message

ingrid thanks

Cyclists for staying in the safe zone by always staying well left of the white cycling lane line

Community Message

Max says

The only place you get faster by speeding is in a wheelchair. It's not worth it.

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Community Message

Shannon says

Remember to have courtesy and respect for all other road users...we all make mistakes

Community Message

Karen says

Remember the speed limit is the maximum, not the minimum.