Motorcycle safety

Motorcycle safety

Ready to brush up on
your skills?

Riding is never risk-free, but a truly skilful rider rides ‘low-risk’. Check out the guide for more information.

Riders’ guide

Ready to hit the road?

Our friends from Victoria have developed some video tutorials to help you plan the perfect ride.

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Quick quiz

Motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable road users. Brushing up on your skills regularly can help you ride safe out there. Take this quick quiz and give your skills a health check.

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Motorcycle myth or fact?

There are lots of myths surrounding just how dangerous it can be to ride a motorcycle. Let’s bust the myths and check the facts.

Bust the myths

Motorcycle factsheet

Check the facts and stats.
They just might surprise you.

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A good rider is a good
risk manager

Motorcycle Council of NSW have put together these videos to teach you the skills to stay safe.

Watch the videos

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We are grateful to the Victorian Transport and Accident Commission (TAC) for permission to use their motorcycle
safety campaign.