Let's change the way we look at speed

How fast is fast enough to kill? Most people are surprised to learn that driving even a couple of kilometres over the speed limit can have devastating consequences. Sadly, in real life there's no warning… A little over can do a lot of damage.

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How fast is fast enough to kill?

Do you know how long it takes for an average family car to stop when travelling at 60km per hour? Find out by clicking 'start now' when you're ready, go driving and be ready to brake when instructed.

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When braking to avoid hitting something or someone 45 metres ahead of you (assuming you're travelling on a dry road in a modern vehicle with good brakes and tyres) you'd stop just in time.

Stop marker Car stopped before stop marker
Reaction distance Stopping distance 0km/hr

A little faster?

A little more speed.

Click 'start now', drive along and apply the brake when instructed.

Get ready to brake…

A little more speed makes a big impact.

Another 7km per hour means the stopping distance is now more than 50 metres - so you'd collide at 30km per hour, fast enough to kill or seriously injure someone.

Stop marker Car beyond stop marker
Reaction distance Stopping distance 30km/hr
Road blurred
Car dash
Car dash
Rev dial
Speed dial
Stop sign

Who's hurt by speeding?

One in three people killed or injured in speed-related crashes isn't the driver. Find out why these road users are so vulnerable.

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How many people on average do you think are killed or seriously injured in speed-related crashes every year in Queensland?

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Unfortunately of incidents is a lot higher.

Unfortunately this is only about half of the incidents, see what looks like.

Not quite. See what looks like.

  • 251incorrect
  • 524incorrect
  • 756incorrect
  • 972correct

972* deaths or serious injuries is correct.

It's also unacceptable. Every figure in this diagram represents someone's parent, child, brother, sister, friend, workmate.

It isn't about numbers. It's about people. So, let's change the way we look at speed.

*average per year, 2007 to 2011

Tips to avoid speeding

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