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You have the power to make our roads safer. Add your thoughts and ideas on road safety. Join the conversation. Share messages with your friends. Get involved now. It's easy.

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5 ways to make a difference...

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Join over 130,000 Queenslanders having their say on road safety.

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Share the road with care

Find out how we can all do our part to help keep our roads safer for everyone.

Share the road campaign

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Buy the safest car you can afford

Download the SafeCars app to help you find the safest used cars for your budget.

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Community road safety grants

What could your community group achieve with a grant?

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Stay focused on the road

Find out the best ways to avoid distraction. Keep your phone down and your chin up.

Tips to avoid distraction

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Tips, ideas, conversations, competitions … if it’s about keeping you safe on our roads, it’s happening here.

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