What’s Join the Drive all about?

Join the Drive to Save Lives is a unique road safety initiative. It's about people coming together to make a real difference. There's always been a genuine desire in the community to get involved. Now you can.

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What is Join the Drive?

Too many people die on Queensland roads, and the effects can be devastating. The financial costs are enormous, and the social and emotional impacts are even bigger. But the sad truth is, road crashes are largely preventable. Join the Drive to Save Lives is a road safety initiative with the goal to get the whole of Queensland to rally together behind road safety.

How do I get involved?

There are many ways you can Join the Drive to Save Lives. To start, you can make a difference every time you get into your car, by driving safely and obeying the road rules. Or by applying the tips from our get involved page to improve an in-car behaviour.

You can also have your say on road safety and help spread the word. Join our community on Facebook, or make a difference in your local community by applying for one of our road safety grants.

The more people that get on board, the safer our roads will be. Together, we can make a real difference for our friends, family and loved ones.

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