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You're the key to road safety: Make the pledge this Fatality Free Friday

On 26 May 2017, drivers nationwide are being asked to focus on safe driving in an effort to achieve a fatality-free Friday.

Everyone loves Friday; it's the end of the working week, and for many, it's a chance to catch up with family and friends to begin the wind-down to the weekend. On 26 May, we want everyone to enjoy Friday's fantastic vibe by being extra vigilant and aware of road safety.

Fatality Free Friday (FFF) is an annual community-based road safety campaign held throughout Australia by the Australian Road Safety Foundation. The FFF campaign is designed to raise awareness of the human cost of road trauma and calls for extra vigilance behind the wheel.

Members of the community are encouraged to make a pledge – a promise to themselves, their family and friends, to consciously drive safely and obey road rules.

Join The Drive is urging Queenslanders to get behind this year's FFF by signing one of the inflatable cars at shopping centres and community events across the state. Residents can also make their road safety pledge online at www.fatalityfreefriday.com.

While the target of the campaign is to have a fatality free Friday on 26 May, ultimately, the aim is to achieve long-term community change. We want every Queenslander to remember the safety message every time they use the road, every day of the year.

We can all work together to make our roads safer. The key rules are simple – slow down, wear a seatbelt, don't drink alcohol or take drugs and drive, don't be distracted when you're at the wheel, and don't drive when you're tired.

Take the Fatality Free Friday pledge today at http://www.fatalityfreefriday.com.

For information, see the 2017 Fatality Free Friday event schedule, for Australia-wide roadshow details.

Don't forget to also check out our Facebook page for photos and updates about our support and involvement with FFF across Queensland.

Road safety news

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