Settle down selfie

V8 Super cars lined up in the pitlane

Send yourself and a mate to the Castrol Gold Coast 600

This month we’re giving away an incredible money-can’t-buy experience at the Castrol Gold Coast 600. By entering you could win a 3-day double pass to the event, plus weekend Beach Club VIP Hospitality Suite passes, starting grid walk passes and an exclusive Hot Lap in the Official Course Car driven by professional V8 supercar driver Nick Percat.

We want to celebrate our beloved vehicles and show that it’s ok to love your car, as long as you drive safely when you’re behind the wheel. Entering is simple, just pull off your most ridiculous stallion pose with your faithful ride and upload your photo to Instagram with #SettleDownStallion.

How to enter

Step 1

Pull off your most ridiculous stallion selfie. For inspiration see our stallion pose handbook.

Step 2

Upload your photo to Instagram with #SettleDownStallion.

Step 3

Receive thousands of likes from friends and family, and enjoy your newfound Instagram stardom*.

*Likes and/or Instagram stardom not guaranteed.

Important Stuff (you should read this)

  1. You and your mate must be Queensland residents aged 18 years or older! Please note: moustaches are not an acceptable form of ID.
  2. Make sure your Instagram is public! If you don’t, we can’t see your entry and you’ll be stuck watching the V8s at home with your Gran.
  3. No illegal stuff in your photo! We fully support Queenslanders loving their cars, but only within the confines of the law.
  4. You must be available for the Hot Lap on October 21st 2016! This is a condition of entry, so if you can’t make it you won’t get any of the other awesome prizes. So make sure to check your diary before you enter to avoid any disappointment.
  5. You’ll be asked to sign some release forms on the day for liability and video rights. If you can’t appear in video for any reasons including: you’re a secret agent, you’re in a witness protection program, or your boss will see you pulled a sickie to go to the V8s, unfortunately this competition isn’t for you.

Your prize

Picture of the pitlane with crowds in the grandstands above
Tickets to the Castrol Gold Coast 600

2 x 3-day tickets (including pit paddock passes) to the Castrol Gold Coast 600. Valid from 21/10/2016 – 23/10/2016

Overhead view of the race cars snaking through a multiple chicane section of the track
VIP access

2 x weekend passes to the “Beach Club” VIP Hospitality Suite. Valid from 22/10/2016 – 23/10/2016

Race cars lined up on the grid ready for the start
Get on the starting grid

2 x starting grid walk passes for Saturday 22/10/2016. Meet the drivers before the race.

Nick Percat crouching in front of his car smiling to camera
Hot Lap with Nick Percat

A Hot Lap of the track for two (2) adults, being driven by V8 professional driver Nick Percat in the Official Course Car on 21/10/2016 (Friday).

Stallion pose handbook

Young man crouching down in front of a car

The ‘Dropped my keys’

Young man standing in front of a car with arms folded and hands under his armpits

The ‘Awkward pit sweat’

Young man leans up against the side of his car

The ‘Hello stranger’

Young man sits seductively in front of a car

The ‘Casual centerfold’

Young man crouches and points to the wheels of his car

The ‘Check out my rims’

Young man flexes his arm whilst standing beside his car

The ‘Gun show’

Young man leans over the bonnet of a car whilst pretending to polish it

The ‘Wax on/Wax off’

Young man sits on the bonnet of his car

The ‘Bonnet butt-print’

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Boring legal stuff

You need to read this as well, but it won’t be as fun

View terms & conditions


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